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S8S ~Hakone~ Hauntings and Samurais

Day 5 in Japan. Sat 8 Sep 07

I slept well, but the British boys didn't! Their tv was haunted!! It was doing some scary Ring type sht. I would have been scared out of my mind. The tv kept turning on by itself during the night. As if that's not enough, it was on a 'noise' (ants) buzzing channel. How scary. They had to pull the power out!

Today the whole group went off together. We started by going by bus, then skylift, to a mountain with steam err,, stinky smoke coming out of it o.o It wasn't very exciting. The place is famous for producing black eggs. Then we went on more skylifts yay. We went on a 'pirate ship' boat cruise, which was ok, except that boat cruises are too 'old people activity' for me XD At our destination, we all went our own way, for an hour or two. I found a very cute restoraunt, then looked at souvenir shops. The best find today were googley eyed chopsticks!


We took the boat back the way we came, then more skylifts, then took a steep-train that goes down the mountain. At the bottom was the 'Museum of Open Air Sculptures'. David, Steve, Pete and I decided it's too deadly boring to go in, so we went off exploring Hakone on our own. We took the bus back to our hotel area. Omg the bus driver was so funny! I wouldn't have noticed if it wasn't for Pete. The driver (and then Pete) kept saying 'hasshashimm-aaaaaaaaaaaaaa-su' at every stop XXDD Also funny, we saw a girl in a tshirt that said 'milk fed'! Oh, I saw lots of dogs today, including huge husky ones.


The most fun part of the day began, when we headed back to our ryokan area. We went to the Samurai Museum! Actually it's quite small but we had mad fun! The owner was quite excited about us being there, he kept talking to us in Japanese. We saw lots and lots of antique samurai armours and outfits. Most were a few hundred years old! Pete was being very entertaining for us, and used the dictionary to ask the owner if they were real or fake. We were trying so hard not to laugh. It really felt like Pete was harassing the owner, with funny questions. David and Steve were hideing whenever Pete yelled downstairs to the owner, who then bounced upstairs to speak more Japanese XD

I was laughing hard, when Pete snuck in photos of the armour. We are not allowed to photo them, so he pinned himself beside the window, directly under the security camera XD ROFL 'Well they won't know now, will they?'. I'll give u another example of Pete being entertaining unintentionaly. At the restoraunt yesterday, he goes "How do I say 'I want' in Japanese?" and we translated it as kudasai (please). So as soon as the restoraunt boy walked past, Pete goes "kudasai chopstick!" then continues on drinking. LOL how random! Kudasai chopstick !!

The fun only began when I decided to get dressed as a samurai. It cost 1000yen and the little old man dressed me. It was real stuff, he claimed, and damn heavy metals too! Wow what a unique experience. When will I ever get to be a samurai again? The boys couldn't stop laughing at me and we all went photo mad! We took tons and tons. I even had a sword and face mask. That mask is thanx to Pete harassing the owner too. LoL


The very best part about being a samurai was everyone's reactions on the street! They couldn't believe their eyes! One bus even went in the carpark across the road to turn around and get a better look! It was classic. OMG he full on swung his bus around LOL We stayed till closing time, around 5.30pm. It was the best fun of the trip.


In the evening, we all met up and went to dinner at a traditional Japanese restoraunt. Actually I had Japanese pizza XD We all sat on the floor. Some of the westerners weren't pleased, but I felt right at home. Back at the ryokan, some of the girls working there came and taught us origami. We made paper cranes, which I already knew how to make. Afterwards I talked with the girls for a bit. Part in Japanese and part in English. I should ask them if there is any cute boys around. But we talked about boring stuff, like me learning Japanese in high school.

Now it's 10.50pm. I just took a shower and tidied my room. It's late, I should sleep soon. I want to wake up early so I can go to the Little Prince museum, a few houses down.

11.15pm. I just checked on everyone downstairs. Omg it was so funny! We asked the girl downstairs why Dave's room is haunted!? She said it's not really a ghost. It's just that this area is very electrical for some reason, so the tvs go on and off o.o Wtf kind of excuse is that. Electrical areas. I signed their guestbook and wrote that it's haunted anyway XXDD

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F7S ~Nikko to Hakone~ A day of travelling

Day 4 in Japan. Friday 7 Sept 07

I haven't written all day. It's 5.45pm now.
I woke up at about 7am. I had a nice sleep, although when the typhoon was at it's strongest, I did half wake up. I was deciding "Should I wake up and see if I need to pack? Or should I sleep". I chose the latter lol. After breakfast, I went on the net for the first time in Japan (from the old man's laptop). He's quite technological and intelligent, but talks a lot. I wrote to mom and Mary G from work =p Soon we had to leave Nikko =( I'll miss my awesome room. The one I'm in now, at Hakone, isn't as cute.


The trip to here took endless hours. We went on a local train, a Shinkansen, a local train again, then a very long bus trip into the mountains. I'm guessing it took 7 hours o_o Partly this is thanx to the typhoon. Actually the effects of the typhoon are not as bad as I thought here. But it did affect us, since the road to Hakone was closed! So we had to detour and we lost a lot of our day that way. Now we are sitting here in the evening, doing nothing *sigh* One strange thing we saw was at the train station. There was a sign saying 'Exit (for party)' lol! And we saw a guy on the street with 'perv' written on his shirt XD And I saw many dogs today. One owner even had 3.

10pm. We did nothing today except travel and go out for dinner. I didn't even take photos today. After dinner, everyone wanted to go to a karaoke bar. We had a look at one, but it was all empty! I came back to the ryokan and it's all quiet here. Like a ghost town. The others stayed at the empty karaoke. I could *learn origami *go in the onsen *watch japanese tv *go on the net *find everyone *sort my belongings. By the way, this ryokan is like a family home. So small and a mix of Western and Japanese. We don't have our own bathrooms T.T Oh well I'll survive.

11.30pm. Tonight turned out ok. In my time alone, I sorted my things, checked my email, and looked through the maps and tourist guides of Hakone. It's not very exciting here. I'll just follow the group tommorow. When the karaoke crowd arrived home, I chilled with David and Steve etc in the lounge. I read an origami book, it was so nice and impressive.

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T6S ~Nikko~ Temples, shrines and a typhoon

Day 3 in Japan. Thurs 6 Sep 07

9.20am. I set my alarm clock wrong. I put pm instead of am >< Thank God one of the tour boys knocked on my door. Breakfast was so nice. We had toasty breads and fruits. A little bit of pear, banana and kiwi! I'm not so sure that we will do a lot of sight seeing today. It's rainy and there is a typhoon coming! How do you prepare for a typhoon? o_o Pack my luggage? I dont mind going in the rain, except my hair will frizz ><


2.30pm. We went for a 3 hour walk to see Nikko's temple complex. My fav temple was the Roaring Dragon one. This monk or someone clapped some wood, and when you do it under the dragon's head, then it does a special echo. I took stacks of photos so far. I'm up to 180 or so now. I'm in my bed now, I feel tired. It's been raining all day and yes we went out in the rain. My poor slip-ons got ruined. I wonder if they will survive this trip. My umbrella won't. Oh yea, I saw a Lassie dog in the morning. The owner came out and I asked him what the dog's name was. He said 'Neo' but not Neo san. So I dont know.


After our long walk, we went to a Korean restoraunt o.o I had yakitori chicken through. I sat with the oldies and it was so boring! The food was nice and the owner was friendly (he even said Im kawaii). They had pix of all the foreign customers along the wall. On the way home, we stopped at two convenience stores side by side. I rumaged through the magazines and bought two as souvenirs. 'Jelly' and 'Junon' about boyz XD I can read them now, or should I go find the others in my group?

4.30pm. Half the group has wandered off to the onsen baths and the rest of us chilled in the lobby waiting for the rain to stop. Well, it didn't, so we just went out anyway. We followed a trail from our ryokan and it led to hundreds of little Buddha statues along the trail path, beside a cliff and river. Well they weren't quite little, they were waist height and all wore a red beanie and bib. So cute! My shoes are totally anhiliated by now. I wish I could find some geisha type shoes here but I doubt the shops sell any.

8pm. I took a nap, maybe an hour or two. It was so nice. Then I hung out with everyone in the lobby, reading my magz I bought. Dinner was ok. The food was ariight but expensive, and the place looked bad. The walls were covered in junk from around the world. Now the typhoon is approaching. We have to stay here T.T At least those two British boys are here. Without them I'd go insane. I want to go on the net, but the ryokan doesn't have any. Not even a tv in the lobby.

10.30pm. I'm having fun downstairs! And remind me to look up Banzai on the net when I get home. Yay I use to love that show! Pete was telling us about it, he is a really funny guy. One old couple brought their laptop along and we monitored the typhoon over Japan. It's gonna hit here the strongest from midnight to 3am o.o Apparently Tokyo is flooded! Tonight is turning out fun. The British boys looked through my magz and photos on my camera (of hosts etc). Plus the old man with the laptop has some hentai DVDs! LOL. Hopefully we will watch some now. Everyone found out I'm a bit of a perv too, coz I know a lot about hentai^^

10.50pm. I'm going to bed soon. The night was ok, just socializing and looking at magazines. The 'Jelly' one is my fav, there is so many awesome fashions in there! The Junon one has hot guys but they are too young for me (teens to 21)! I'm not scared of the typhoon. I'm more scared of a blackout or sleeping in.

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W5S ~Tokyo: Shibuya, Ikebahura, Harajuku~ Nikko

Day 2 in Japan. Wed 5 Sep 07

Damn, I woke up early coz I set my alarm clock wrong >< Time to head out soon! Aaah Im late.


11am. I'm in Shibuya ^_^ It's raining once again. In the morning, I spent one hour with the group. We went to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. It's all locked up so it was boring as hell. It's ok though, I escaped. And I bought an umbrella. It's only 400 yen. How cheap is that! Less than a burger. Then I saw some for like $2 wtf o_o

I'm at Shibuya 109. This shopping complex is bloody amazing! There is nothing like it in Sydney. Sure it's a fashion mall, but the stores are all very open. Like a massive department store. Some shops only have two walls *faints*.
Ok the rain stopped. Im off to find Hachiko the dog statue and the love hotels.


I found the Tokyo Drift Intersection! Somehow it doesn't look as big as in the movie -_- I found a stone bunny, but no stone dog anywhere. I give up. Shibuya is not Aki friendly lol.


Ok I found the blasted dog XD He is said to have been loyaly waiting for his master at that spot until he died T.T Now I'm looking for Johnny's Entertainment and Akanishi Jin! I found a music school but even they don't know where JE is! I do know I'm on the right street though.

2pm. I'm in Ikebahura whatever its called. wow there is so many shops here! It's like Shinjuku hosts, but here it is shops and shops. I somehow found a bookstore and bought two books Ravient requested. I wonder how I can email her o.o I'll ask the tour guide tonight. Only two hours in Tokyo left. I want to find K-books and Animate, but I don't know how! Someone on Liver Journal said there is KenKen stuff there!

3.30pm When I finished in Ikebukuro, I went down to Harajuku again! Coz it's tha bomb! There (at McDonalds) I made friends with a Korean boy. He looked so young but he was old like me. He doesn't speal Japanese and doesn't speak English well either XD Him and I went walking around. The plan was to take photos, but then we noticed that a lot of the stores (the goth and punk ones especially) had 'no photo' signs! Wtf o.o It's ok though, I snuck some pix yesterday!

I found a cutey store selling dog clothes only YAY. So there is dogs in Tokyo. Then I went (and dragged the poor boy) to the idol stores, that had photos of jpop and jrockers. I bought an Akanishi Jin mousepad and badge. I'll put it on my bag later. Or on ME!

Now I'm on the train. It's so nice and cool here. I don't wanna leave.

6pm. I'm on the train again. We are headed to Nikko. Man my group moves fast! 5pm on the dot we were off! o.o There's a cute girl beside me. She's like so Harajuku style. And she's got like a mini computer for writting on. Maybe its a Nintendo thingo. I want one!

11.30pm. I'm in bed. Well, on a futon XD It's rainy outside, how relaxing. I have my own room again. Amazing. Looks like for the whole tour I will have my own! It's my first time in a traditional Japanese room, complete with tatami mats, rice paper windows, futon, yukata etc. Plus I have my own bathroom =p When I first walked in here, I got scared. I watched too many Grudge and Ring movies lol. And I'm on the top floor (3rd) kinda like an attick. So no one can hear me scream. Everyone's below me. Even in Kinuya (Uneo) I was on the top (7th floor). By the way, this ryokan is called 'Annex Turtle' LOL!


After we arrived in Nikko, we went to dinner at a local little place. The food took forever to prepare but it was nice. I had some cinemon toast with salad. Coz Im cheap lol. I sat with the two my-age British students, Steve and David. They will be my buddies for the trip. The oldies are very nice too, but one woman annoys me a lot.

After dinner, we invaded the 7-11 convi. Wtf is it doing out here in the country? And the guy had a SARS mask on LOL! Walking on the rainy streets of Nikko at night was surreal. It's llike being in another world. One that only exists in dreams. I think Dave's quote sums it up! "This is not real! This is a movie set. There is no one living inside these houses." He's right, there was no sign of life in the houses. Was everyone sleeping? o.o The streets are one-car breadth and the houses are so cute! Very Japanese looking. I could imagine Tomo and me here.

Now I don't know if I like the country-side or Tokyo city better. Ok time to sleep. Soon it will be midnight and we have a 7.30 am breakfast! I already washed my hair, yes again. Well today was very hot too. Especially lugging my luggage around was bad. The humidity is frizzing up my hair ><. I should have brought conditioner with me to Japan. I want to look nice for any boyz I see ^^

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T4S Tokyo ~Ueno, Harajuku, Shinjuku~

Day 1 in Japan. Tues 4 sep 07


Im on the plane to Japan! I think I slept for 6 hours or so. Not bad huh. We got woken for breakfast. I saw the sunrise ^_^. Oh, I have a window seat! And two Japanese girls beside me. So yea I saw the sunrise. It was orange^^ It's the 'Land of the Rising Sun'. I thought I saw the Japanese horizon with skyscrapers too, but turns out they were clouds lol. It's weird, we are flying about the clouds. Up ahead is only blue sky. I wonder how long till we land. I found the tv guide 'Kris World'. 80 movies, 105 tv progs, 180 CDs o_o There is no Nicholas Tse at all *cries* but there is Rain. Im watching movie trailers now.

Im in Japan! Landing was good. The whole second plane was good. I didn't feel scared and I felt like a pro coz I already did it all just hours ago XD The airport was simple, I found everything pretty soon. I caught the train to Tokyo. I had a reserved seat along with another n00bs entering Japan. The trip was one hour 'exactly', so I had a sleep. Then I wondered Tokyo Station like a lostie. But I found the train to Ueno by myself =p far out, it was hot in Tokyo! But the train was cool. Walking to the hotel was hot >_< Glad I packed summer clothes! The hotel lady took my luggage and I went wandering Ueno.


So I was sitting in the park, reading paperwork & a man walked past saying 'pleased to meet you'. ROFL! Then an old man came to talk to me. He didn't speak english but I said stuff like Australia jin desu XD. I have no idea if he was a pervy old man or if he was a friendly local. I brought out my map and escaped soon after lol. Now it's 12.20 and hotel checkin isn't til 1pm. Mate I need to shower before I head off to Harajuku.

2.30pm. Are you for real o.o Time flies! I went looking for Tokyo University coz it was on my map. But it must be farther than it looks coz I didn't find it. I was hot, so went to shower. Now Im clean and heading off to Harajuku!

I am in Harajuku ^_^ The first street I went on is the best ever! So way cool. I saw tons of jrock/ goth fashion stores and even lots of my Akanishi Jin! There is so much things to buy, I can't decide what to get! I saw one or two jrock guys but I froze and didn't ask to take photos. Strangely, I saw at least 5 black guys down there XD During my exploring, I wandered onto the more affluent side of Harajuku. It has tons of trees along the road & Armani and LV! At about 4pm, I decided it's time to eat, so went to Maccers lol. When I got out, guesse what! It was and still is raining! And it's still warm. There is tons of Japanese people with umbrellas around. Where did they pull them out from? =o Now Im on a corner hiding from the rain. I swear there is no street names here. I can see 'Royal Host' whatever that is lol. Let's go check it out! And Im going to head back to the uber cool side of Harajuku.

5pm, Im back. 'Royal Host' was only a restoraunt =/ The rain has stopped. I'm hopelessly lost and enjoying every minute of it! Woohoo! I'm wandering the tiny, ever cute backstreets, lookin at indy shops and people's houses. I just met a white guy but he is as lost as I am! LOL. Im an animal lover, so I'll tell u this: whilst in Ueno/ Harajuku, I have seen three cats and two little dogs. Yay. There was even a doggie clothes shop. And I saw two women in kimono today. Ok let's continue to explore the backstreets.

I'm on the train. 5.30pm wooh! I found my way back to Takeshita st by instinct XD The trains are so easy to catch! I just got on the first one (green line) and it seems to be taking me home XD We have a meeting at 6pm. I'm gonna ask my guide if I can explore Shinjuku tonight.

I'm at the meeting XD On my way here, I saw a police car racing like mad in Ueno Park, amongst the temples. And it was so noisy, it had loudspeakers lol.

Now Im walking on the Ueno shoping district streets. I went lookin for a place to exchange some Aussie money. I saw this hot host-looking guy workin in a shop, with his dad, and I asked him where the exchange place is. He was so cute and helpful! He didn't speak english though. At the end, it was his dad that shouted 'I love you' LOL. I went and exchanged my money, then I was gonna go back and ask for a photo. But when I went and said I found the place, they looked like losties. I think my dictionary is faulty -_- So I just said Daijobu, arigatou, and left them alone hehe. Damn dictionary ruined my groove!

Now Im off to look for a hairdrier, coz mine is too weak. And I want to look my best everyday hehe. I'm still walking on the street as I write this, what a dork.

LOL I just bumped into my hotel desk man! He was wandering the streets too! he actually took me to an electrical shop and to the hairdriers the hotel buys! I bought one for like $15 (1500) yen, amazingly cheap! I was by myself after that and spoke Japanese to all the staff! I just made it up lol. Credito Cardo daijobu desuka? ^^'

My tour group is at lunch now. I'm on my way to Shinjuku first. I'd rather wander alone, coz I wanna meet hosts! XD But later on they are coming to Kabukicho too! *Faints* I wonder if they know that it's a red light district. Most,, almost all of our group are oldies, damn it -_-

I just arrived at Shinjuku. It's hot here man! And a hot guy just checked me out! But he went down to the trains before my mind clicked.


9pm, Im back. Aaah time flies when you're haveing fun. This is so surreal! I'm like O_O WHOA at every second guy! Seriously, OMG good God in Heaven!! Talk about Host overload!! I'm in host heaven! Ffff! There is hosts on everystreet here in Kabukicho! And along with it, tons and tons of host clubs. And Im not even shy to stand there taking photos of their photos XD I'm waiting for the hosts to approach me before I ask them to take photos with me. But guesse what! None of the hosts approached me! o_o Only touristy guys -_- Ok let's keep trying! Take host pix till my camera dies lol.


9.30pm Yay one host approached me. More like he looked at me, so I approached him XD We took a photo. He was so small and new looking though lol. Now it's sprinkling rain again. Damn. I wanted to go sit with the Shinjuku station boys grr. Why God?! Bloody hell it's hot too. Oh yea, there is black guys on every street here. I wonder if they are pimps lol. I met one and took a photo too. I have to be back home by about 11pm. I still have one free hour. But Im stranded, and Im not even in Kabukicho with the hosts. I think there is a subway beside me but nah I'll wait. Oh! Every second person in Japan has a clear umbrella. LoL it's the cool thing to have, even for the guys. I'm off in search of one too.


11pm almost. I went home after that. On my way, I met an english speaking asian dude, who helped me navigate underground. The metro vs trains is confusing. Man Im so tired. I'm gonna organise my stuff and wake up at 8am. I still can't beliebe I have my own room. And the freedom I have is imense. I just wish we could spend more time in Tokyo. Well, I discovered a lot in one day! I am able to use the trains without feeling lost or out of place XD I discovered Ueno, Harajuku and Shinjuku ^_^

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