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Mon 3 Sept 07

Im in the airplane now. I will tell you about today.

I woke up bright and early, to take Cookie to his dogsitter in Kuringai Forest. I actually got there faster than I thought! A bit over an hour. Well I hope my doggie will be ok. Afterwards I had time to stop by Castle Towers and I bought a purple backpack for travelling. It's right here beside me XD At 11.30am my shuttle-bus arrived. Yay, express to the airport. I even drove past Rin's restoraunt and my work too!

This was my first time travelling. Wow it's quite simple! Find your checkin (that's about half an hour in line, and less if you check in online). Next you go in the 'departures' gate and customs xrays your bags. o_o someone's job is to look for weapons and bombs. Then you wait for your boarding call and get on.

After I checked in, Ravient and I met up! She's my Live Journal friend. I'm gonna buy her some books in Japan. We took some photos and ate. I had Oportos. then we walked about and talked about Kamakari Kenta. Amazing! KenKen has fans in Sydney AU! It's so cute that Ravient came to see me off ^_^ Oh and Minh phoned goodbye! Plus Tran, Bianca and Tina messaged bye. Plus family, who was quite mushy.


Walking onto the plane was surreal. It's so different than I thought. The plane is so small and it's purple and blue!! (Singapore Airlines). My chair is purple XD. The host and hostesses are so cute. Everything is madly squashy, more than on trains! We were like sardines in a can. But actually when I'm in my seat, I don't mind. We got our own tv! And I have my learn Japanese books, phrasebooks, dictionary, storybook, info printouts. Yea that's a lot of crap XD But I thought the plane will be boring!

Takeoff was scary when we started rolling. It was even scarier when our speed increased to like shinkansen speeds. Then we were up in the air! Aaah that's it! Our fate is in God's hands now. Im ok now though. It's a bit like a train... except you feel more weightless coz of going up and down! I dont know,,, is that turbulance? Going up and down.

I can see a little kid covered in stickers two seats up XD Oh, the airlady took the sticker boy sightseeing. Cute! The catering here is fantastic. We got drinks as soon as we hit the air & dinner not long after. Green thai chicken! Then ice cream! Man I'm stuffed. They handed us hot towels too o.o Wtf that's just bizzare. Anyway, my seat is near the window. There is a young girl between the window and I, and she hasn't made any effort to socialise. There is an Indian man on my other side. He set up my headphones for me and is now watching Bollywood movies XD

Im watching 'Surfs Up'. Oh crap, turbulance. Woooh we are shaky yo! Im not scared though. I'm enjoying my time in the plane watching movies. 'Surf's Up' is so funny^^ It's an awesome animated film, about surfing penguins. It's made sort of documentary style, which is unique. I should have a nap. Nah, I'd rather see more movies. But wouldn't that mean I'll be tired in Japan? Does this airline actually set a bedtime and lights out? o.o

Now I'm watching 'Pirates of the Carribean 3rd' o_o Another ocean movie! And all this time I thought we were flying above the ocean, but nop! Over Australia! Hay, one of the pirates just said something about Singapore. LoL that's where we are headed. Wow the cast is quite hot! Kiera Knightly is so pretty! Now my tv is hurting my eyes. It's got too many black dots!

10.30pm. I finsihed watching Pirates 3. I don't effin get it o_o It doesn't make sense! We just got fed again. I had some hokkien noodles 'seafood noodles'. I never ate so much as on this airline. Now Im watching some Singapore promo tourist channel. Man these promo ads are annoying -_- They're aimed at rich people. I'd rather go to Cambodia than high class shopping in Singapore. We have just hit some turbulance again. We have to put our seatbelts on. Woohoo we're in for a ride.

Im exploring the 100 channels we have XD. there is defiently some weird stuff here rofl. I found a chinese game show, a French channel, a tutorial on uploading videos from your camera, many Indian channels, YaY here we go: Korean movies. Channel 71, isn't this 'He was Kool'? Ch 70 Korean again, no idea what movie. 69 Korean. 68 Japanese. 67 Japanese black and white film. 66 a Geisha film! I'm returning here after I finish exploring. 65 Japanese and there is anime looking actors. A little kid just asked his sis 'What about him? You're looking for a bf!' >_< Fark we got told to switch off the electronic devices. Wooh the pressure is changing. Are we landing? Already? o_o It's 11pm Sydney time. I think that's 9pm Singapore time.

Landing took a long time! Like 20 minutes, damn. And my ear hurt! They turned the lights off and I dozed off XD I wokd up to the shake of touchdown. Yay I made it to Japan alive! So Im in Singapore now. It's so empty here in departures. (I have another plane to catch). I think we have two hours wandering time. But I don't even have Singapore money, so I can't buy postcards even. Man there is so many model looking air hostesses walking by. I could go on the internet but nah. I should use the time to learn Japanese. Ok let's plan. Two hours of learning, then on the plane sleeping, then exploring Japan! By the way, there is a flower garden with a money pond and crap fish, smack bang in the middle of the building here lol.

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