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T18S Arriving to Sydney

Tuesday 18 September 07

-17 °C

In the plane I watched 'My Tutor Friend 2.' It was cool but not as good as I hoped. The girl ended up going for the annoying guy instead of the hot one she originally loved x-x It's so not me. Then I got some sleep coz the ride was bumpy and I was getting annoyed. When I woke up, we had breakfast & I started watching '300' the Spartan movie. The cinematography was awesome, but the storyline is such a guys movie. It's quite intelectual in the way they talked. I'd say the movie is impressive. During landing, I went half deaf again aaah. Oh, did I tell u I had a window seat again? And no one sat beside me.


Departing the plane was interesting. A young guy decided to search my bags. He must have thought I was cute and wanted to perve at me LOL. I wasn't scared when they were walkin me to the search area, coz I would demand Im innocent if they accuse me of stuff. Sure enough, soon I was cleared and on my way.

Then I saw mom waiting for me outside. It was nice. We dove to Duffys Forest, to pick up my Cookie. Wow he looked so small and fluffy! I thought he would jump all over me, but instead he lay on his back with his legs in the air XD What a cutie. He was such a good boy in the car too! He's behaving very well. He's not running around psycho, he's just sleeping and followingme around if I move off. What a miracle. Ok I put him in my lap now.


At home finally, my msn won't let me sign in. It said I have to upgrade to Windows Live Messenger WLM. Has msn become obsolete o.o That's insane!

I downloaded my 500 or so Japan trip photos. Mom had a quick look at them and was like "Gee that's beautiful!" to a lot of my temple photos. I should go edit them now, then upload them.

The best part of today was Tomo kun came on messenger to talk to me! For one whole hour. Aaw that's so nice of him. We talked a lot about my trip to Japan. I hope I can meet him sometime! I told him I wanna go to Japan with him too XD

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M17S Kyoto ~Temples and Shrines~ Airport

Monday 17 September 07

Im on the plane now =p It's awesome. Except all our tvs cut out. So Im writting here instead.

In the morning, everyone left before me. Two older ladies left at 5.30am! David and Stephen left at 8.30am. I saw them off. Pete left at about 10am. I saw him off too. Oh, one couple even left yesterday! I was hopeing my Japanese boys will walk past my room. Im right beside the door! I must have missed them, maybe when I was in Dave and Steve's shower. I hope they email me! I watched tv till checkout time (10am), then headed out. One more Intrepid couple was leaving at 11.30am but who cares about them XD

Today was a very hot day. Apparently 30 something degrees. So it was a killer! I went visiting the local temples and shrines around our Kyoto ryokan area. There was quite a few! My favourite ones were the big temples with the least amount of tourists. Im looking at my map. It says Yogenin Temple and Chishakuin Temple. I walked around for an hour or two.


Then I still had spare time to kill, so I went to the Kyoto National Museum. Yay it was free! It was only two floors and I saw statues, very ancient ceramics, old kimonos, the best was the gold leaf paintings. I saw some Kano gold art! Wow I use to study these in uni! So that was great. Oh there was calligraphy too. The souvenir shop was dissapointing! They didn't have postcards of my fav Kano paintings.

Just after noon, a minibus came to pick me up from my ryokan. Like the one in Sydney. I was kinda sleepin in there, so time went quick. At the airport, I figured out what to do pretty quick. Checkin was fast! Unlike Sydney. Then I went last chance souvenir shopping. I bought 3D postcards! How cool is that. I also boguht two expensive fans, coz I might regret not buying one later on. I went through customs and imigration quite early. Then I got to watch the un-loading and re-loading of our plane, from the waiting room. I took a lot of photos of the plane and when I just got on. I even for out-of-the-window photos.


Now it's 7pm and we just had lunch. They only had Japanese food left. Cold noodles and fish is not my idea of fun. But I just got handed some ice cream, so it's ok.Wooh turbulance. I wonder how come there is still people catering, it's pretty shaky now. I just felt a drop o.o This is a bad flight I think. At least I have a window seat ^_^ plus the two seats beside me are empty! The airlady just switched my movie back on. Im watching Opal Dreams, a real Aussie movie.

It's midnight, I'm on my plane to Sydney. I just got on. On the last plane, I watched 'Women of the Inner Palace' aka 'Oh Oku'. It's a Japanese movie set in ancient, traditional style, with shoguns and imperial girls. I enjoyed it a lot but I don't think I will watch it again, coz it's quite sad. The main actress was so refined and ideal, it is worth seeing her.

The wait at Singapore to transfer planes was quite long. 1 and a half hours, or was it two hours. I just spent my time dozeing off. I didn't actually fall asleep coz Im havin problems with my ears. Aaah Im going deaf. I blame it on the landing. The pressure was bad. Now I can hardly hear o.o

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S16S Kyoto ~Souvenirs and hot boys~

Sunday 16 September 07

It's 8.30pm and I'm in my final ryokan. Aww it's not as nice as my previous ones. And again I don't have my own bathroom. This room is all cardboard walls and paper doors! I can hear every movement and sound from the room beside me. There is an African guy staying next door and he has this cute African music on LOL.

This morning, we left our first Kyoto ryokan. Then we had a whole day to do as we like. I went with Dave and Steve. First to Kyoto Tower mall, then we decided to travel in to the big shopping district. We went around together first, then split up. Man, I spent all day there! It was a very hot day and it rained on and off. The main problem was my feet hurt >_< Anyway I did a lot of souvenir shopping. I bought two yukata and other memorabilias.

I saw a couple of hot guys! Now I always think of my 'Mens Egg' magazine, instead of hosts. The rockstar image, with a tan and blond hair is definetly in. No guys came to talk to me though T.T

One thing about shopping, after you buy something, the salesperson says a formal thankyou and bows! XD how cute! And in one convenience store I went into, ALL staff in there greet any incoming customers. It was so entertaining.

The most strangest thing about the Japanese is definetly their resiliance to the heat. I'm wearing a tiny top and shorts, basically beach wear. And they are wearing jeans and jackets! For real! Even the young girls are covered up. It's weird! I saw a wedding today and the men wore black suits! In this heat wave o.o The wedding was at the train station too! They must have met there.


In the evening, I caught the subway home. I was a total lostie & this school girl helped me find my way. She practiced her English from school on me XD She was so cute, whenever she said something she thought was wrong, she covered her mouth and stared at me. She asked for my email too and I gave it to her^^ Maybe she can teach me about KatTun.

That's another thing! I went lookin for KatTun stuff & hardly found anything! There is no special stores about celebrities. I was very tempted to go back to Tokyo, Harajuku today, but instead I decided to explore Kyoto since I'm already here.

In a magazine, I found that there are hosts here somewhere! God knows where though, Kyoto seems much more difficult to find my way around in, compared to Tokyo.

TV is boring tonight. There is no dramas. Well there is a dog training program. Oh guesse what I saw this morning on tv. Japanese Sesame Street! And Elmo spoke in Japanese! He still had the same voice and same laugh.

Im back! It's past midnight now! Wow tonight turned out not bad! I met some hot Japanese boys! Four of them! One was really hot! After I finished writting this entry, I went on the ryokan's internet. I wrote to mom, then four Japanese boys walked in the door! Thank God they said 'hello!' In English too! So I quickly grabbed them as they were going up to their room! "Do you speak English?" and they said "A little bit". I was like "Let's take a photo!" and they were like "yeah!!" They got the hotel staff to take photos for us XD There was 5 cameras to go through!! Then I was a smartie and asked for their emails "To send the photos" they happily wrote their names and emails down yay. I gave them mine too oforse. I can't wait to bombard them with pix of my trip in Japan! I showed them a photo of me in kimono and they were like "oohhhh very beautiful!" XD yay! Their names were Yuki, Yukiya, Ayumu and Jin. They went upstairs and I stayed on the net.


Not long after that, the Intrepid group arrived back from dinner. I told them about my little adventure. We stood around in the hallway, talking for a long time. Then my Japanese boys came down wearing yukatas! I asked them where they were going and they said 'baths'. YAY they were going to be naked together! I said "Can I come along and take photos? XD Peter san was so amused! I was only joking though.


After they were gone, we all went to chill in David and Stephen's room. Including Pete, Hiro and me. Aww it was out last night together. We were all drinking our Kirin drinks and watching tv, Formula 1, but mostly we were just talking. David bought a thick hentai manga. It was really graphic and funny. We were all so entertained by it! At midnight, we kinda said our goodbyes and went to bed.

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S15S Kyoto ~Temples and shopping~

Saturday 15 September 07

I woke up late but thats ok, no harm done. We headed out at 8am. First we went to Nijo Castle. It was alright. The outside wasn't all that, but the inside was impressive! There was hundreds of tourists there though >_< It was the first time I heard the noise of a nighting gale floor. It's like music, or little crickets or something. It's not really a wood sound. Anyway, Nijo Castle was like an art gallery! With shiny gold painted wall paintings in every room. Just like in the art books I studied at uni. Now I got to see them in real life =p We weren't allowed to take photos, but I can look them up on the net.


Then we went to the Golden Pavilion 'Rokunoji Temple'. It was cool to see, but a bit overdone in my eyes. Finally we went to 'Ryoanji Temple'. It was kind of boring. There was a rock garden, but it was tiny. Plus there was moss, which looked pretty. But if u think about it,,,, its moss XD It was a very hot day today, but we got through it.


At 1pm or so, we all went our own way on 'free time'. The boys and I went searching for food. We ended up having pizza in a restoraunt. It was great! Then we looked at Kyoto Tower mall. It's quite small. But 'The Cube' was a good mall. Later we found others too. By the end of today, I bought stacks of pretty-boy magazines! Like *Potato * Wink Up *Cinema (it had Matsuda Shota in it). *Mens Egg *Neo Genesis (awesome jrock mag). They costed a lot! But its ok. We have only one more day to do souvenir shopping.

At 7.30pm, we all went to dinner ar an awesome restoraunt that reminded me of an underworld hangout XD The food was nice I bet, but I only had an ice cream. We just chilled there, it was fun. Peter san kept trying to photo the waitresses hahah! Afterwards we explored Kyoto station. You can climb to great heights there. But at 10pm we got kicked out coz it 'closed'. The boys and I sat around there till 11 anyway.


Finally I had a shower in their room, coz I dont have one! We watched some tv too. Now it's 1am and Im dead tired. Night.

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F14S Hiroshima and Kyoto ~Himeji and Gion too~

Friday 14 September 07

I am in my Kyoto ryokan. Wow the place looks cool! My room is perfect except it doesn't have it's own bathroom. We will be here for two nights, and then one more night somewhere else. It's 10.30pm and I'm watching tv. James Bond is on and it's in Japanese! I also saw an add with Brad Pitt and now one with Angelina Jolie! Actually Im watching some drama with cute guys. They look a bit young for me though. They are playing air guitar now o.o Watching tv, I wish I could speak Japanese. I definelty will learn it as a priority. I decided to stay home tonight coz my poor feet hurt. Since yesterday. I ignored the pain during the day, but now Im taking a break.


In the morning, we left Hiroshima. Oh, first we went to the Peace Museum. There we heard the story of a real life atom bomb survivor. That was quite unique! It's hard to believe an atom bomb was dropped here only about 60 years ago. The youth here seem oblivious to it. And Hiroshima is so developed and very beautiful now. It all seems so surreal.


Afterwards, we caught the tram and shinkansen to Himeji. There we visited Himeji Castle. It's really famous and huge. But actually I was quite dissapointed. It's so totally empty inside. No nice gold paintings or anything. Everywhere you look, you can only see dark wood. No paper or tatami even. We climbed to the very top level.


Then we caught the Shinkansen to Kyoto, our final destination. The city seems to be very huge! Similar to Tokyo, except here we have to catch the subway to get around. We went into Kyoto middel section, to have dinner. Well, I went lookin at shops. I got a samurai souvenir yay. Afterwards we wento to Gion, to look for Geishas. It felt like we were playing 'Pokemon snap' haha. We spotted three or so geishas. I even got a photo of one. We all looked like paparazis.


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